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Posted by Marc Krevo on May 29, 2009
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Recording with Kevin and Bob
By now you have properly planned out your podcast. Now it’s time to get into the production phase. First of all you have to decide where you are going to record your show. Will it be in an office type setting, on location or perhaps a professional studio.  If it’s not in a professional studio, you will need to record in a location that’s as quiet as possible.

If your recording in an office type environment make sure it will be void of any distractions. Make sure the phone and any overhead pa announcements are turned off. If there are other people in the offices make sure they keep a low tone as well.  If your recording on location like a factory or outside, you can tell the audience that we are on location and that’s why you might be hearing these noises. Actually, being on location gives your podcast a more journalist appeal that could give your podcast greater credibility.

Remember any and all noises that are heard during the recording will not only be included but amplified as well.  Maybe you can decide to record when it’s the quietest time of day.  Maybe that’s before the work day starts or after.  Recording in a quiet environment will not only produce a better podcast, it will help you to focus on the subject matter.  If you have any guests or other people on the show it will help them to keep their attention focused on you too.  A quieter environment will help cut down time in the editing phase of your podcast and make the process run smoother.

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