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Posted by Marc Krevo on May 26, 2009
New Media, Podcasting

The publishing phase is another key component of your podcast’s construction. Not only will it be where listeners can find your podcast; but more importantly how listeners find your podcast that will make the difference.

Along with good content your podcast also needs good keywords in the publishing.  By now you have discovered what keywords will be important to your podcast. Now you need to include those keywords in your podcast episode title, description page and in the id tags of your podcast.

Including these keywords will provide your audience to find your podcast through search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.  These search engines are constantly looking for fresh content to these keyword topics.  When you supply these search engines with these keywords, traffic will start to flow to you. However, you should have done this keyword research already in the planning stage. If you haven’t don’t worry, it’s never too late to start. I recommend Nichebot. They provide a wealth of keyword research which will help you direct traffic to your blog page or website depending on where your podcast lives.

Publishing to a stand alone blog page makes this possible. Search engines love blog pages because many people include these keywords directly related to their topic; not only in the content page but in the id tags or keyword entry.

In the next issue I’ll talk about RSS feeds and how it provides your listeners with instantly delivery for every new issue you publish.

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